The 10 Best Makeup Remover Towels For Cleaning Your Face Fast

2022-06-01 02:32:47 By : Ms. Linda Li

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They go easy on your skin—and the earth.

If you’ve been using an old-school washcloth or single-use makeup wipes to take your makeup off, then you’re missing out on the magic of makeup remover towels. Some gadgets seem gimmicky, but these textiles are the real deal, and many pro makeup artists swear by them for removing a full face of product or as a pre-cleansing step any time of day. “A makeup remover towel is a chemical-, soap-, and oil-free option to remove your makeup,” says Melissa Hurkman, a Los Angeles-based celebrity makeup artist. “They are usually a soft polyester material that has longer fibers that help remove even stubborn waterproof makeup.”

Essentially, those fine, long fibers work together like a magnet, extracting dirt, oil, and makeup by creating friction with your skin’s pores once those fibers are dampened with water. For best results, Hurkman suggests wetting your towel with warm water, ringing it out, and then gently using circular motions all over your face to remove any residual buildup. “When dealing with heavy eyeshadow or waterproof mascara, press the towel down over the eyes for about 10 seconds,” suggests Hurkman. “This will warm up that area to help the fibers break down the product more effectively.”

In addition to being more eco-friendly and cost-effective over time because they’re not disposable, makeup remover towels often can perform better than beauty wipes or a standard washcloth. “It’s going to give you a much better clean than makeup wipes because of the suction it creates to literally pull makeup out of the skin, rather than moving it around and only wiping some off,” says Cara Lovello, a New Jersey-based makeup artist.

That said, you have to maintain your towel to keep it working optimally. Hurkman recommends rinsing and ringing your towel clear after every use before letting it thoroughly air dry. It’s also important to hand-wash or throw yours in the laundry (no fabric softeners or detergent formulas with heavy oils!) every two to four times you use it. That way, your towel won’t become a Petri dish for bacteria.

So, who can benefit from a makeup remover towel? Pretty much everyone that wears makeup and dreads the long process removal can take. There’s even some thought that acne-prone and sensitive skin types respond especially well to this method of makeup removal because the towels don’t contain extra potentially abrasive chemicals or oils like some other makeup removing products do.

Yes, you’ll have to make an investment up front, but these towels can literally last years with proper care. Even better, they’ll save you time and energy when cleansing your face so you can go to bed—or start your day—with hassle-free, squeaky clean skin. These 10 super soft picks will make you a believer in makeup remover towels.

Hurkman swears by the Face Halo for removing makeup and pre-cleansing skin, so consider this trio of circle-shaped pads your makeup remover towel starter pack. They can be used with your cleaner of choice for increased efficacy and are the perfect size for travel, too.

Eco-marketplace Grove Collaborative stocks a gray polyester style, which features a cylindrical shape that you can almost cup in  your hand like a glove as you wipe your forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips, and chin. Several reviewers remarked that with this cloth, the irritation they experienced washing their faces with a facial tissue or cotton pad is a thing of the past.

Details count, even when it comes to makeup remover towels. What’s great about this trailblazing textile, which is Lovello’s top pick, is that it’s dual-sided for maximum removal power. The short-pile fiber side loosens makeup when used with circular motions, while the longer-pile side absorbs the grime and gently exfoliates the skin.

If you wear makeup daily, Hurkman recommends having at least two towels on hand so you can alternate between washes. This pair from Ulta will help you make the switch from makeup wipes once and for all. Each gray microfiber towel is 7-inches square and great for throwing in a gym bag. You’ll also love the handy hanging loop, which makes air-drying in between uses a breeze.  

If you’re after a towel that’ll work harder and smarter for you while still looking and feeling ultra-luxe, Resore’s splurge-worthy set is your best bet. Crafted from a blend of premium and medically-graded fibers, these fluffy almond colored towels have antibacterial properties that fight the acne-causing germs linens can harbor.

For mascara and other eye makeup removal, you can’t beat this extra-large circular pad, which is perfect for gently swiping the orbital area. The round shape is also nice for applying toner. Because it’s bigger than most pads on the market, you could also use this puff on your body as well.

In addition to just being plain cute—whether you gravitate toward the eyelash embroidery or the cheeky “stain me” design—this set of Weezie Makeup Towels is navy blue, meaning they’ll camouflage any lingering mascara or eyeliner stains in between washes. Made of long-staple 100 percent organic cotton in Portugal, they’re also built to last and hypoallergenic.

According to Hurkman, makeup towels are also great for removing stubborn clay face masks. Kitsch’s duo is particularly apt for that, since they’re dark in color and decently sized. Start by soaking one towel in warm water and take a pass at your skin to prep it for maximum absorption of your favorite mask or cream. Then use the second towel to remove the product, buffing away any residue it has left behind.

If you’re looking for a true budget solution, try Amazon’s four pack of microfiber clothes. You can assign different colors for different things or times of the day—pink for the morning, black for the evening, blue for travel, and so on.

Muslin is another great option for a makeup removal cloth, as it works well to gently exfoliate skin, even sans product. After running it under fairly warm water, lightly sweep Pai’s organic, super-thin cotton version across your face to remove whatever you’ve put on that day. Just don’t scrub or go heavy on the pressure, which can damage your dermis.