The 11 Best Eye Makeup Removers for Waterproof Mascara

2022-06-01 02:30:57 By : Mr. Leon Ye

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Wash your face before bed.

There's nothing I love more than playing around with eye makeup. Perfecting the sharpest winged liner, coating each lash with my mascara–all these rituals bring me joy. The only downside? Washing it all off at the end of the night. This is partly because my sink is tiny and prone to splashing water on my toes, but also because finding a great makeup remover is a quest it seems like we’re never done with. Whether you have sensitive skin, dry skin, or are a lover of no-budge waterproof mascaras; you need to have a makeup remover that removes every trace of product before bed and works well with your skincare. Here, we break down how to find your perfect makeup remover.

If you aren’t correctly removing your makeup every night before bed, your skin will suffer. “Makeup is an occlusive, meaning it clogs your pores,” says dermatologist Dr. Karan Lal. “If you don’t take off your makeup before going to bed you are allowing bacteria, yeast, and mites to grow on your skin and eyelids. This could result in acne, rosacea, conjunctivitis, and folliculitis.” In addition to preventing acne, a great makeup remover also helps the rest of your skincare work better. “Without a makeup remover in your skincare regimen, you are not properly cleansing your skin, which is how you prep skin for absorbing all the great ingredients in your treatment and moisturizer products,” says Nancy Gannon, Vice President, Education & Field Development at Clinique.

While some makeup removers can help cleanse your skin, we always recommend using an additional cleanser as a second step. “At night, use a makeup remover to dissolve makeup, then a facial cleanser to remove sweat, pollution, dirt, and any excess oil stuck in pores,” says Gannon. “This way you can enjoy clearer, more radiant skin, fewer clogged pores, better absorption of your treatment products, and a smoother makeup application. That’s what we call double cleansing.” This also helps remove any traces of the makeup remover that might still be lingering on the skin and clogging your pores.

Here, find the 10 best eye makeup removers that will make you excited to take your makeup off.

For an easy, does-it-all makeup remover, you can’t go wrong with this micellar water. It’s gentle enough to use all over the face, but it’s powerful enough to remove waterproof mascara.

If you want a makeup remover that works hard, this balm can eliminate all your makeup with no elbow grease. Just rub a small amount onto dry skin, add water, and watch every trace of makeup wash off.

For a quick and easy option, makeup wipes are a classic. You can throw them in an overnight bag, and you never have to worry about them spilling while traveling. This version even removes stubborn mascara.

For the innovators out there, this towel works wonders. Just add water, and watch how this little piece of magic removes all your makeup, without any additional product. Then just wash the towel, and you’re good to use it again.

It can be hard to find a product that's both gentle and removes waterproof makeup. This version is oil-free and quickly removes the toughest of mascaras.

For dehydrated skin, typical makeup removers can be drying and irritating. This balm is formulated with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and peptides. When you rinse off this balm, your skin will feel nourished and moisturized.

These little makeup erasers are genius at perfecting a sharp cat eye, or removing little remnants of mascara from around the eyes. Just snap one end, and the other end fills with product that will erase any makeup traces.

A classic in the beauty industry, this makeup remover can deal with all your products in no time. Just dab some on a cotton pad, and let it melt all your makeup away. Follow up with a cleanser to get rid of any residue.

This cleansing balm only uses ten nourishing, organic ingredients to remove all traces of makeup. It’s also non-irritating, which makes it great for sensitive skin.

If you want to make your makeup removal routine as spa-like as possible, this cleansing oil is a filled with nourishing ingredients to remove all traces of eye makeup. It’s also environmentally-friendly, for green beauty enthusiasts.

Lots of micellar water comes in 6 or 8 ounces—Urban Hydration gives you more for your money, with 16.9 ounces for less than ten bucks. It removes makeup in just one swipe, preventing harsh scrubbing in sensitive skin areas like around your eyes. In addition to being affordable and great for sensitive skin, every product sold guarantees one gallon of water donated to a community in Kenya.

There's a reason why this product has been around forever and is a continual best-seller. Mary Kay's eye makeup remover gently removes eye makeup, is safe for individuals who wear contact lenses, and doesn't leave skin feeling greasy.