Sanitisation that satisfies your aesthetics: SVISH-ON-THE-GO

2022-06-25 06:45:49 By : Ms. Sunshine Li

Personal hygiene and sanitation takes a zany turn with SVISH,  your one-stop shop for a range of products in the lifestyle category.

Ever since the pandemic decided to make a permanent space for itself, there have been plenty of changes on a global level. From sanitization being part of our daily lives, to masks gaining an official spot in the fashion scene, the pandemic sure is credited for long-term changes. Speaking of which, some sharp minds did grab this opportunity to expand their businesses and grow a niche for themselves in the field of entrepreneurship. Likewise, taking the need for sanitisation a notch higher we have SVISH-ON-THE-GO, a pandemic baby, the brainchild of Ishan Grover and Jaideep Mahajan. 

Stepping into this lucrative industry of hygiene, SVISH is on a mission to make personal hygiene a lifestyle habit in India. While each and every one of us was struggling to dodge the virus, Grover and Mahajan took the opportunity to initiate a much more personalied and eco-friendly sanitisation that satisfies one’s tastes of aesthetics. So, it’s time to take your sanitisation process even further with SVISH and its intriguing yet hygienic range of all-natural products for men and women. Furthermore, to highlight the brand theory even further, we decided to initiate a conversation with the creative heads of the team, so have a look! 

In late 2019, I took a break and relocated to Canada to be with my family. I wanted to sit back and think about my potential next step. Little did I know that a two-week holiday to Delhi would change my life. The borders shut down, the world went into lockdown, and I was without my family, a job, and a plan. Bored and alone, I counted the days when borders would open. But as they say, and quote “boredom is the mother of creativity”. I went from day to day dodging the virus with various sanitisers and disinfectants, and that’s when I realised that if you had to apply something to your skin 10-12 times a day, it needed to be more personalised, eco-friendly, and something that would satisfy one’s taste for aesthetics. This was also when I bumped into one of my ex-clients who was on board with the idea, and that’s how we came up with SVISH. We launched with a small range of sanitisers and disinfectant wipes. Being part of the growth story of our brand and how it overlaps with my personal growth is what motivates me every day. The idea has always been to make personal hygiene a lifestyle habit in India.

Our target customers are the youth and young adults, millennials, and Gen Z.

When was the last anyone saw or heard a man discuss the hygiene below the belt? Probably never! While it’s cool to talk about male grooming, when it comes to men’s hygiene, a small percentage of men pay attention, especially to hygiene below their waistline. Conditioned notions about masculinity hinder conversations about men’s intimate hygiene even among their immediate social circles. In a little over a year that we have been up and about, we have realised that a large section of the male population feels unheard of for their intimate hygiene concerns. After months of research and thought, SVISH HYGIENE below THE BELT for men are the products are 100% safe, made in India with the finest quality of natural ingredients, and we are confident that these products are the only product any man will ever require for their HYGIENE below THE BELT needs.

This pandemic has taught us that good hygiene is the first step to good health; it may have been optional in the past, but it is non-negotiable now. We want to inculcate good habits with our range of thoughtfully designed products, and our mission is to make personal hygiene a priority for everyone.

Well, all our products are equally important for below-the-belt needs, but our star product is the SVISH ACRO (Anti Chafing Roll-On) for men & women. India’s 1 st Anti-Chafing Roll-On is made with healing and nourishing ingredients such as Niacinamide, Neem, Witch Hazel, Lemon Oil, and Turmeric; it is free from alcohol, sulphates, and paraben; A dermatologically tested formulation and proven to be very gentle on the skin; SVISH ACRO is a convenient no-messy-on- the the-go solution to avoid rub-rashes, chafing, irritation or foul odour.

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