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A wipe is a small moist cloth that is used for either personal care or for cleaning surfaces. Various types of personal care wipes are commercially available like baby care wipes, makeup removal wipes, cooling wipes, perfume wipes, body wipes, medical wipes, general cleaning wipes, intimate care wipes, nail polish removal wipes, and antibacterial personal wipes. The recent publication of Bonafide Research- Global Baby Wipes (Dry & Wet) Market Overview, 2021-2026, analyses the market based on the segment of the type, region, countries, sales channels, and companies. The regions covered during the study of the market are namely- North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. The different sales channels considered are supermarkets/hypermarkets, Pharmacies & Drug Stores, Traditional Retail stores, and online sales channels.

The baby wipes are a disposable piece of cloth that is saturated with gentle, tender cleaning solutions generally used to cleanse the baby. Commonly, they are made of fibers like rayon, cotton, or plastic resins. These types of wipes are generally packed in a plastic tub with a solution to keep them damp. In the year 2015, the market value of the baby wipes market was valued to be at USD 4.45 Billion. In recent years, the market is gaining much popularity as they are safe and effective on baby skin. With the increase in purchasing power, the consumers are now willing to spend more on their babies, creating a lucrative market. With the demand for baby wipes being amplified, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 5%. The increasing prevalence of e-commerce along with the increasing awareness regarding the hygiene and the skincare of the babies among the new mothers are expected to act as a catalyst to the market growth.

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The baby wipes market is divided into two segments- Wet Wipes and Dry Wipes, of which the dry wipes segment has led the market with a share of more than 60% since 2015. This is backed by the reason that the dry wipes have a multipurpose use and thus can be used as toilet paper, tissue paper, during the time of feeding or diaper change. However, through the forecasted period, wet wipes are expected to be the fastest-growing segment, which is to grow at an anticipated CAGR of more than 8%.

North America and Europe are the leading regions in the global baby wipes market, owing to the high penetration of the leading manufacturers. However, in the coming years, Asia is expected to project robust growth. An increase in disposable income, and a high birth rate in major economies like China & India, are to be driving the market. The rise in understanding about baby health and the increasing trust in such products among the parents is to aid the growth in the regions of Latin America and Middle East & Africa.

Parents are now opting for eco-friendly wipes, and are now looking for more organic and natural products. Thus in order to cater to this need, many manufactures is now developing an alternative sustainable approach toward baby care wipes. Prominent names in the market space are: Johnson &Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly Clark Corporation, Unicharm Corporation, Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget, Hengan International Group Company Limited, and Artsana Group, etc.

CONSIDERED IN THE REPORT • Geography: Global • Base year: 2020 • Historical year: 2015 • Forecasted year: 2026

REGIONS COVERED: • North America • Europe • Asia • Latin America • Middle East & Africa

ASPECTS COVERED IN THE REPORT • Market Size by Value for the time period (2015-2026F) • Market Share by Type (Wet Wipes & Dry Wipes) • Market Share by Sales Channel (Supermarket & Hypermarket, Pharmacies & Drug Stores, Traditional Retail, Online) • Market Share by Region • Market Share by Country • Market Share by Company

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