20 Best Makeup Remover Wipes Of 2022 And How To Use Correctly

2022-06-25 06:48:22 By : Mr. Andrew Zeng

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Makeup remover wipes: The easy, fast, convenient (insert positive adjective) way to remove foundation, blush, etc. in a swipe. Basically it's a skin savior for anyone with a busy lifestyle...AKA everyone. But after talking with Elyse, Love, MD, a dermatologist in NYC, it turns out you might not be using them quite like you should.

“Makeup wipes can be very convenient for removing makeup before cleansing, especially heavy or waterproof makeup, but they should not be considered a replacement for facial cleansers,” says Dr. Love. I know... I had the same reaction. But there's a good reason behind why you shouldn't solely rely on a wipe.

“Makeup wipes are pre-moistened, stored at room temperature—or higher, like your car—and are constantly exposed to air and our maybe-not-so-clean hands. So they have to contain a high amount of preservatives to prevent growth of mold and/or bacteria,” explains Dr. Love.

While the preservatives aren’t bad—they’re actually very necessary—Dr. Love says that the high level of them in makeup wipes can be irritating to your skin if they're left on. The solution: Always wash your face with water and cleanser after using one. If not, “repeated use of make-up wipes without following with a cleanser can lead to the development of an allergic rash,” says Dr. Love.

While Dr. Love even admits that she sometimes uses a wipe solo if she’s in a pinch, she warns against making it a habit. When looking for makeup wipes, she recommends going for the basic option since you'll just be washing it off afterward anyway.

Ready to stock up? Right this way to the best makeup remover wipes for all skin types and budgets.

Infused with rose water and cucumber extract, these individually wrapped wipes not only smell so fresh, they also help balance and tone oily and acne-prone skin while calming any irritation and inflammation. They're also just super chic. 

As the name implies, this wipe is simple and doesn't include artificial colors, perfume, harsh chemicals, or alcohol that can all easily cause irritation. Another perk: They're compostable so they'll break down in the compost or trash. 

Made with coconut oil and coconut milk these wipes melt away makeup without any tugging and leave skin hydrated rather than stripped. They're also biodegradable. 

Seemingly the OG of makeup remover wipes, this drugstore staple is the perfect wallet-friendly, fuss-free option for most skin types. 

These clean, sensitive skin-friendly face wipes use micellar water to pick up and remove dirt, oil, and makeup without irritation. The fragrance-free formula uses chamomile, cucumber, rose, and aloe so it's super calming and refreshing.

These face wipes smell like fruit punch—in the most natural, delicious way possible—and make you want to keep wiping your skin over and over again just to catch another whiff. They're also made out of bamboo fiber which makes for a super soft swipe.

These cucumber scented wipes instantly make you feel refreshed and calm—just like a day at the spa. They're also non-comedogenic (read: won't clog pores) and hypoallergenic so they'll likely work for most skin types.

Infused with glycolic acid, these wipes will not only remove makeup, they'll also exfoliate away dead skin cells that could be building up and blocking your glow. But they're also formulated with coconut water, calendula, and aloe so they stay gentle, not irritating.

Moisturizing glycerin is loaded into these cleansing cloths so they'll remove your makeup and sweat but won't leave your skin dry. They're also fragrance-free so they're ideal for sensitive skin.

Yes, all of the wipes above can also remove eye makeup but these are specifically made just for that. The small round pads are fragrance-free and super gentle so they won't irritate but also strong enough that you'll be able to remove waterproof makeup without a tug. 

This mini pack comes with 10 wipes that are watermelon scented and smell so delicious that you'll want to use them for much more than just makeup removal.

Argan oil, aloe vera, and chamomile make these wipes soothing and moisturizing and ideal for sensitive or dry skin. Another fun fact: A portion of every package sold will go to the Natural Resources Defense Council's Polar Bear SOS initiative.

If you like the thought of using coconut oil to remove your makeup but don't like the mess, enter these guys. The individually wrapped wipes are packed with coconut oil—nothing else—for the most simple, moisturizing makeup remover you can find.

These gentle wipes use feverfew—a calming herb—to help tame down and soothe redness as well as cucumber and aloe extract.

The witch hazel in these wipes works as a toner to help sweep away bacteria as well as control oil production. 

A dermatologist favorite, these wipes contain the brand's signature trio of ceramides—the moisture your skin naturally produces—along with hydrating hyaluronic acid for an extra dose of moisture as you remove your makeup.

Oils are great for removing makeup, but they're not the easiest to use. These wipes pack in grape seed oil and olive oil to get the job done without the mess. They're also hypoallergenic and synthetic fragrance free.

These wipes use lipohydroxy acid (say that three times fast!) to help treat acne, thanks to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. 

Natural alpha hydroxy acids derived from hibiscus help gently exfoliate while also removing makeup for an even cleaner finish. 

Remove dead skin cells, add some antioxidant boosters, and keep skin calm with this blend of witch hazel, green tea, and aloe.